Civil Litigation and Appeals.

Hampton Firm exclusively practices in civil trials and appeals – representing both plaintiffs and defendants – with a special focus on complex business and real estate matters. Through dedicated research, preparation, and creativity, Mr. Hampton is able to help clients navigate the uncertainty of legal matters to achieve effective results.

Civil Litigation.

Mr. Hampton has spent his entire professional career as a litigator in civil matters. In court, Mr. Hampton uses thorough preparation and effective communication to advocate for his clients. When not in the courtroom, Mr. Hampton uses his experience and judgment to give clients meaningful and timely advice to avoid or conclude legal disputes.


Mr. Hampton is one of the few attorneys in the Central Valley that regularly practices civil writs and appeals. In addition to matters that were resolved before an appellate decision, Mr. Hampton’s appellate experience includes the following matters:

Published Appellate Cases

  • Berkeley Cement, Inc. v. Regents of Univ. of California, 30 Cal. App. 5th 1133 (2019)

Unpublished Appellate Cases

  • Golden W. Nuts v. R.C. Meline Orchards, 2011 WL 1457309 (2011)
  • Angelakis v. Hennigan, 2013 WL 941619 (2013)
  • JKB Homes Norcal, Inc. v. City of Oakdale, 2015 WL 3457568 (2015)